Day 1: October Fest

After a very short night, in which we finalized our visa application forms and accompanying documents, we got up at 05:00 to prepare for departure. About two hours pass before we are ready (as far as one can be fully prepared) to start our adventure on a cold and wet morning. The first two hours we got pretty soaked. A quick stop and some extra layers of clothing fixed the cold problem and luckily it remained dry until the evening. The afternoon was quite uneventful. We both rode at reasonable speeds of 100-120 kilometers while getting a feel for the motorcycle. Especially the heavy weight and the more restricted sitting area due to the extra luggage sacks on the passenger seat took some getting used to. We also started logging the fuel consumption (roughly 1 liter for every 20 kilometers) to avoid running out of fuel between fuel pumps. For those not aware: motorcycles usually don’t have a fuel light or fuel indicator.

The goal was to reach Northern Italy; a place called Lago di Levico. It’s a beautiful lake located between two mountains with a lot of First World War history close by. Sadly, around 18:00 we were only around Munchen in Southern Germany. After some fiddling on our navigation devices we found a camp ground not very far away and decided to check it out. We arrived at a very crowded camping site and at first we didn’t know why. Our first impressions were some motorcycle treffen (meeting) because of the heavy-set, bald, black bomber jacket wearing guy stopping us at the entrance asking us why we were there….. Luckily for us it wasn’t an exclusive Harley Davidson party, but the annual October fest held in Munchen. We were surrounded by British, Australian and New Zealanders among others.

Setting up the tent in the twilight and rainfall (which conveniently just started) was a disaster. We bought the tent only recently and we haven’t set it up before… and darkness, fatique and our hurry to remain dry was not a good combination. The tarp, the inner-tent as well as both sides of the outer-tent were wet….. and I haven’t even described in what shape the tent was standing in our effort to put it up quickly. It worked… kinda. We joined the party people and had some snacks (pasta and pizza) before calling it a night. The short previous night and the long and cold ride didn’t allow us to experience the camping life during the October fests to the fulliest. Judging from the people throwing up around us and/ or making last minute tent adjustments… it wasn’t such bad decision.


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